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In flow of life through Mentalcoaching with THETAHEALING® - Spread your wings

When the caterpillar thought, life was over, it became a beautiful butterfly.

Do you want to change your life and awaken your true potential?
Then be like a butterfly and use the power of metamorphosis!

Theta (7 – 4 Hz) are the waves of the subconscious, the optimal state for our personality development. By communicating with your subconscious mind, I help you to remove blockages and disturbing beliefs. Burdens can be quickly transformed from the inside out, in the here and now. So you can experience yourself and your reality anew and come back into the flow of life.

Transform through mental coaching into the creator of your life, connect with your natural wisdom and live your life in flow!

Individual session
Magic of Kakao
Use the power of metamorphosis and live your life in flow!

Through mental coaching it is possible to gently clear your inner ballast. Be it through working with childhood trauma, working with your birth, with your inner child, your ancestors and your DNA.

Complaints and blockages in your life can be dissolved and transformed in the depths of your energy system. Because there is potential hidden behind every wound. Even if you don’t see it like the caterpillar who thought that life was over when it became a beautiful butterfly.

Open the doors of your heart for vitality, love, lightness and flow!

My name ist Julia Buschmann, I am a certified ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing teacher / Instructor.
You’ll find my official ThetaHealing Profil here: www.thetahealing.com

I am looking forward from my heart to get to know you, you are welcome to contact me. Together we will bring you back into the flow of life!


Annika Peper

I am sooo happy that YOU do this here lovely Julie! Absolute heart recommendation to all 💜💜💜 Be there and learn to connect with the creators power and to find and dissolve deep-seated patterns and beliefs 💜💜💜
The magical Julia makes this very wonderful 💜 She has great knowledge and shares this in a light, loving and joyful way.

Silke Metzger, 31
Yoga teacher

Dear Julia, Thank you for the wonderful and beneficial Theta-Healing Session. Through your guidance, I was able to see past events as inner pictures, recognize correlations and trace my issue back to its roots, to dissolve it. Additionally, my old beliefs have been replaced by new ones. I received these as intuitive inspirations from the highest level.

Your Theta Healing meditations always give me the feeling of deep connection with the level of everything that is.

I would love to come back to you! Thank you & best wishes.

Elena, 26

Julia had a very pleasant and quiet way of handling, which quickly built up confidence. Also the questions she asked me in between, were appropriate and helped me to sense more accurate. Overall, our session was very pleasant and lightning for me!


The seminar in Kassel was wonderfully guided by Julia in a nice atmosphere. Her joy and serenity helped me to believe in myself. Even after the seminar she is still available for any kind of questions with her support. I still practice and can say in conclusion – ThetaHealing is a great tool and really fun!

Julia Buschmann
Indigo Sun