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Organize Thetahealing seminars

Theta Flow – Thetahealing® Seminars worldwide


Would you like to learn ThetaHealing and you can organize well? Do you have a good network? Would you like to bring seminars directly to your city? Or maybe in your dream location: beach, sun, palm trees, sea and ThetaHealing? Then you’ve find to the right place as I love traveling and to discover the world!

Are you part of a spiritual community, have a yoga center, an ashram, are part of a health center and are interested in including theta healing seminars in the program? Do you see thetahealing courses as an enrichment for your company or do you simply want to earn something extra and have an environment interested in thetahealing? And what about thetahealing for children in schools?

Feel free to contact me with your wishes and ideas! I am happy to surf the flow of waves of the subconscious with you and to spread this wonderful method. Let us accompany as many people as possible in evolutionary quantum leaps.

All you need is a nice seminar room with enough chairs and a flip chart, an appropriate minimum number of participants, depending on the travel costs.

I am looking forward to your message with all my heart!

Julia Buschmann
Indigo Sun

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