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Kakao Ceremony

Indigenous Heart-Medicine


Kakao is referred as “the food for the shift”. Raw kakao for ceremonial use contains high spiritual potential as a healing plant and helps in the growth of the soul and the solution of blockages in everyday life. The healing plant was used by shamans in past and present times as a magical aid to help people to experience more love in their own life and to connect themselves with their own potential, to get completely back to feeling. This also brings us back to harmony with the world around us and thus in the energetic flow of life. Kakao beans are also genuine “superfood” they contain many valuable nutrients and antioxidants. Kakao is a gentle medicinal plant and has no psychedelic effect, but is a heart-opening medicine and unfolds its full potential in communal, ceremonial use. Through meditation, energy work, singing together, sounding and dancing, a clearing and liberating energy is generated.

According to an indigenous myth, “whenever the balance between man and nature is threatened, the spirit of cacao comes out of the rainforest, to open the hearts of men and return the planet to a state of harmony.”

The magic of kakao


The ceremonies will take place on different topics and will be accompanied by ThetaHealing and other energy medicine. You are gently guided into a magical inside journey. Accompanied by your intension, your present themes can now be reflected in the emotional level, in your own heart. Also the connection in the circle of the ceremony will open up a new depth of interpersonal connection. Together, we create a secure space in which all feelings can be completely there and we can connect ourselves completely with the intuitive world. Through community exercises, partner exercises, sounding, singing and dancing, the energy centers will be brought back into the energetic flow of your soul and you will feel lighter. The connection to your soul can now flow again, and true encounter can now take place in a sacred, protected space.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of an ancient, indigenous medicinal plant! Whose spirit as a great mother gently weights in our hearts.

* As preparation, it is important to eat little and light before the ceremonies. To let the full effectiveness of the medicinal plant come out, you should avoid animal food products, as well as sugar, salt, oil and, above all, coffeine.


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