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Thetahealing® Advanced DNA Seminar


The ThetaHealing® advanced seminar deepens the information from the basic DNA seminar so that we get a deep understanding of the seven planes of existence that surround us. The advanced seminar is very playful and decorated with many exercises. So we will have a lot of fun together!

As a student, you learn about the 7 planes of existence and learn details about each level of consciousness. You will learn to create feelings and instruct emotional downloads. As well as working with free-flying memories. You will learn how to dissolve old anger, vows and promises that are holding you back. As a student you will discover how you can help with the application “love in the womb” and “healing the broken soul”. You will receive many emotional downloads from the teacher, which will bring a profound sense of wellbeing and enlightenment.

This seminar is a very pleasant experience as the student is filled with many new, positive feelings, such as knowing how to value ​​the now and how self-acceptance feel like from the seventh plane.

You will receive the advanced DNA seminar manual & the book ThetaHealing® for advanced students.

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