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Awareness Coaching


Theta (7 – 4 Hz) are the waves of the subconscious, the optimal state of consciousness for our personality development. It has been proven that up to 90% of our experience is determined by our subconscious. By communicating with it, Thetahealing helps you as a meditation technique to come into a state of deep relaxation to dissolve blockages, trauma and disturbing beliefs. So you can come to terms with your past. We’ll reprogram you: Make quantum leaps and experience yourself and your reality anew. Understand the backgrounds, why things are happening in your life. Change yourself consciously and surf the waves of your life. It is a heartfelt pleasure for me to support you on your path.

Thetahealing® Seminars

The seminar offer gives you the opportunity to become a Thetahealing practitioner

Learn tools and techniques to work with yourself and your clients mentally. Thetahealing seminars help you to experience your life consciously as a creator. Connect with your natural wisdom and live your life in flow!

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CREATE YOUR MASTERPIECE OF LIFE. With the Thetahealing® technique!


Dear Julia, Thank you for the wonderful and beneficial Theta-Healing Session. Through your guidance, I was able to see past events as inner pictures, recognize correlations and trace my issue back to its roots, to dissolve it. Additionally, my old beliefs have been replaced by new ones. I received these as intuitive inspirations from the highest level. Your Theta Healing meditations always give me the feeling of deep connection with the level of everything that is.
I would love to come back to you! Thank you & best wishes.

Silke Metzger

Yoga teacher, Stuttgart

I am sooo happy that YOU do this here lovely Julie! 
Absolute heart recommendation to all!
Be there and learn to connect with the creators power and to find and dissolve deep-seated patterns 
and beliefs. The magical Julia makes this very wonderful. She has great knowledge and shares this in a light,
loving and joyful way.

Annika Peper

Teacher, Hamburg

Julia does a wonderful job in connection with the pure energy of the creator, both as a thetahealer and teacher and as an intuitive healer. In my opinion, her absolute speciality is past lives and karma, which affects and blocks us in this life today. Regardless of the topic, she receives such clear information and impulses that it is just fun to surrender myself to letting go the old b * shit, to live in the here and now and to create what I really want! Very powerful work. I can definitely recommend it!

Nadine Bose

Coach, Berlin


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With mental coaching it is possible to gently clear your inner ballast. Ailments and blockages in your life can be dissolved in the depths of your energy system and transformed into a new shine. Because behind every wound your potential is hidden. Create a life that corresponds to your nature.

Thetahealing DNA Activation
The so-called DNA activation awakens the slumbering potential of human consciousness. In the human DNA (deoxiribonulinic acid) all information to secure our body functions, our genes are stored. Only two strands of DNA, each with 23 chromosome strands, are active in most people today.
Thetahealing® Basic DNA

Get to know Thetahealing® and join the basis seminar to learn techniques to work with your subconscious mind in theta brainwave (7 – 4 Hz).

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