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Thetahealing Individual Session



Individual session
Surf the waves of your life!


To support you on your path is a pleasure for me. Find the procedure of an individual session << here >>

Let’s surf the waves of your subconscious mind together, I will hold space for your processes with an open heart.

  • come into your potential
  • Find and live your heart’s nature
  • Be confident in your job and private life
  • Live balanced and harmonious relationships
  • Dissolve blocking beliefs and programs
  • Transform self-doubt into self-acceptance and bravery
  • Get rid of the causes of stress in your life
  • Transform burnout and exhaustion into new vitality
  • Turn anger, resentment and regret into new creativeness
  • Process shocks and trauma in the depths of your system
  • Solve depression and to convert it into new zest for life
  • Find out and solve the psychological causes of diseases 


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*This form of life support does not replace the visit and the diagnosis of a doctor or naturopath. Mental coaching supports the processing of Causes of illness and negative feelings in the depths of the energy system. Physical complaints however, need additional medical care.

Please note: The dates are binding.

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