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In the most important part of our joint work, old, obstructive programs and patterns are now resolved with your consent in your energy system. These are replaced by new, positive impulses. You will also be provided with feelings and knowledge from the highest perspective. You recognize what the old behavior patterns were used for and you can let them go. This creates new networks in your brain and the changes manifest themselves bit by bit in your daily experience.

Based on the impulses obtained in the intuitive reading, I will ask you a few questions to dig deeper. You will receive initial healing impulses and a deeper understanding of your situation and the relationships that lead to your life situation on a subconscious level.

Now I go with you into the frequency of the theta brain wave (7 – 4 Hz). In this state, I can communicate with your subconscious. While you are in deep relaxation, I will have a reading of your energy system. Here I get informations that help to look at the context of your concerns from a higher perspective. Because in your subconscious mind all information is stored, belief systems that you adopted from your childhood, genetic heritage of your ancestors, as well as traumatic experiences and much more.

At the beginning of each session, I will ask you what you want to change in your life. I will give you my full attention as you talk about your concerns and your life story. Together we go on a research trip to track down your issues and blockages. Speaking things out while someone is listening carefully is relieving.

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